7 Tips for a "Put-Together" Look

Now that you have your session booked, here are some tips to help your photos express your beautiful and unique family.

I have found that photo shoots can often bring anxiety regarding how to dress. I even struggle with it when I am in front of the camera! Here are some general guidelines for your upcoming photography session regarding what clothing works well and will make you feel fabulous when you see your photos, and what might be a distraction.

Tip #1 – Clothing choices should complement your look, not complicate it!

I have found that clients and friends are drawn to their professional photos when they keep a color palette with 2-3 colors and dress everyone around that. When you feel comfortable and complement each other, and aren’t too “matchy-matchy” then your photos will have a timeless feel that your grandchildren will look at and notice first your love for each other instead of your outfits! :)  Family Session - Urban
Tip #2 – Determine who is the most difficult to dress and figure out what they are wearing first.

Then coordinate everyone else around them. This will simplify the decisions and be a lot easier than trying to shop for specific colors first.

Tip #3 – Classic colors are best.

When determining your color palette, neutrals (whites, creams, beiges, grays, browns, etc.) and season colors always look best. Trendy colors and patterns will only date your photos faster and fluorescent colors tend to reflect onto faces, necks and hair. You want something that you could have worn 10 years ago, and still wear 10 years from now. Choose 2-3 colors for all to build their wardrobe around.Notice how the beautiful simple blue and orange tones with denim help us focus on their faces while complimenting their environment.


Tip #4 – Avoid any graphics or loud patterns on shirts.

This applies to both adults and children, logos and flashy prints will distract from the faces in the photo, and could clash with the environment of the session. Children should wear simple small prints while parents/adults often look best in solids and layers that pull the look together.

Tip #5– Layers add depth and interest to the photos

Not only do layers and textures look fabulous in photos, but they will make it easier for you to coordinate outfits and will add variety to your photos. Layers are where you can be creative and show your unique personalities. You will be amazed how a simple outfit can be transformed by the adding of hats, scarfs, necklaces, etc.  By adding a blazer or fun hat, your one if a kind style will shine and it allows an easy option to shed some of the layers for a different look later in the session. 

Tip #6 – Shoes matter!

Let your style continue to shine in your shoe choice for both the soon to be groom and the bride, and the adults and kids! Leather boots, leather or neutral sandals, clean and simple sneakers, Toms, Converse, are all options. Stay away from cheep sandals and crocs. Children barefoot is also always sweet memory! (weather permitting).

Tip #7 - What you wear matters for your session location

Be aware of your location, and dress appropriately. If you’re going somewhere very edgy and urban, wear something sophisticated and dressy. If you’re going somewhere artsy and whimsical, go for trendier styles and fun layers. If you’re going somewhere natural like a park, wear something more romantic and light. If you’re going somewhere casual and relaxed, pick an outfit you would feel comfortable lounging around in with your friends. The more formal the portrait, the darker your colors should be. Professional Headshot - DTC



Tips for Women 

Dress for your body type. Know what your flaws are, what your assets are, and dress accordingly. Rule of thumb: curvy features should avoid baggy clothes as it could unfortunately add pounds to the photo that aren’t really there. For petite women, adding additional layers will prevent looking too thin in the photos. For engagement shoots, remember your hand will be a focus of many of the photos, so remember to either wipe off old nail polish and go for a natural look or pamper yourself and have a manicure! 


Tips for Men 

Remember to match the “tone” of your lady’s outfit. If she is dressy, you should be too.

When in doubt, pull together multiple outfits and I would be happy to lend a suggestion!