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Curtis and Hannah https://www.rinarophoto.com/blog/2017/11/curtis-and-hannah This fall, I had the privilege to spend an afternoon in the foothills of Boulder capturing the love between my brother and his lovely wife.  They are one of the sweetest couples I have the joy to know.  Their love story just adds to the sweetness of their love for each other.  They met through a mutual friend via MySpace (do we even remember what that was anymore?!) at the tender age of 15, while living half a continent away from each other!  Gradually they got to know each other and formed a friendship, which eventually became a long distance romance of care packages with homemade cd's and cards for each other. After moving to be closer to Hannah during college, they became sure they were called by God to be together.   In December 2012 they tied the knot in a quaint mountain town in North Carolina, and vowed before God, family, and friends, to love, honor, and cherish each other for their lifetime. 

Now we all finally live in the same state - Beautiful Colorado!!  I was so excited to capture their love now that they are 5 years into their marriage and 11 years into their lifelong friendship and romance. Their joyful, playful, fun, and quiet love for each other and God inspires those around them. I can not wait to see what the Lord has in store for their future!

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Creativity in Chaos https://www.rinarophoto.com/blog/2017/8/creativity-in-chaos Have you ever noticed that your kids are most creative when their play area is a complete mess? It’s like they can only play with their toys if they are all spread all over the house and there is no path for the adults to walk through.

As a parent of two beautiful children who are only 18 months apart (youngest is 11 months), this dynamic can become overwhelming to keep up with. How do I keep the house neat when my kids are creatively making a mess of my house?  I mean I want them to explore their world and expand their imagination but their chaos is sometimes too much to handle.  As I reflected on this dilemma I found that underneath this tension I found my unhealthy need to maintain an image of always being put together.  Not only do I want my kid’s imaginations to flourish but I also want my house to look like Leave it to Beaver.  This tension is exhausting.  

So how do I deal?  Well, what I have come to realize is that this is my calling: God has called me to be a stay at home mom, and the difficulty of this calling is that I want an environment where my children can flourish but where I can relax.   Some days my kids flourish all over the house and some days I keep things neat like Martha Stewart.  But in the midst of it all my favorite part is taking a second to just watch my kids play together and explore a new imaginary adventure.  

Creativity, learning, and reading are all important for our kids and despite the chaos I have realized that it is a part of my calling to allow their creativity to flow.   This doesn’t mean that I stop trying to maintain a clean and orderly house but it does mean that I can get to the end of the day knowing that it is OK to let their imaginations run wild!  After all, keeping up an image is just that, an image!  I say moms should let their kids be themselves, be authentic to their families, sit back, and see where that creativity goes! 

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Ladybugs https://www.rinarophoto.com/blog/2017/7/ladybugs Hello and welcome to RinaRo Photo!  

I want to share about the love my daughter has with ladybugs.  Do your kids adore ladybugs? My sweet girl never saw a real ladybug until we moved to Colorado when she was just over 2. Florida bugs were no joke - they were all big, ugly, and normally caused havoc to us (ants), so bugs were an off-limit - sometimes scary - category, until Nana introduced her to the sweet red and black little Ladybugs! There must have been a nest of them in Nana and "Gagdid"s" (her version of Grandad :)) yard, because literally on almost every branch you could find multiple ladybugs! Ladybug Hunting

Once she overcame her fear, and realized they were gentle little creatures that just tickled her skin as they crawled, her world expanded! There was a bit of trial and error, (some bugs didn't make it past her efforts to pick them up) but she finally learned how to gently hold a ladybug. My daughter was in heaven and spent hours exploring and studying them.  It was the cutest thing to watch, as she talked to the ladybugs, telling them where he should crawl on her fingers and hand - helping them crawl from one hand to the next.

Two year old minds are such a wonder - eager to learn and try new things! Watching this sweet interaction with her new little friends, made me appreciate this little moment and store away the precious memory since I know this season will quickly pass by as she grows up too fast.

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